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Тим Уэбб, Стивен Бомон. Пиво. Атлас мира

О книге

Тим Уэбб, Стивен Бомон. Пиво. Атлас мира

Эта книги содержит чрезвычайно мало сведений о пиве России. Один из авторов книги, Стивен Бомон, попросил меня написать кое-что о российском пиве для нового справочника. Он прислал мне формат, в котором необходимо выдержать описание 25 марок пива, производимого в России.

To Stephen Beaumont

Standard beer
Baltic Porter (Knightberg, Saint Petersburg; 6.8%): Poured almost black with light tan head. Nose of roasted malts. The aroma and flavor have spicy character that includes cinnamon, chocolate, light citrus, shows chocolate, ripe fruit and earthy notes.
Baltika 0 Bezalkogolnoe (Балтика 0 Безалкогольное — Non-Alcoholic, Saint Petersburg; 0.5%): An alcohol-free beer brewed by Baltika (Baltic Beverages Holding — Carlsberg) has a mild taste with a malt aroma. It ideally corresponds to the classic beer style. One of the best low alcohol beers.
Bastilskij Porter (ID Jons, brewed at Konix. Zarechny, Penzenskaya Oblast; 7%): Baltic Porter style. "Bastille Porter locked in a bottle" brewed first time in the Bastille Day. Aroma has dark grains, roasted malts and a hint of chocolate. The sweet taste and light burnt make it soft and easy-drinking beer.
Cowboy Malboro (Plan B, Yaroslavl; 6.5%): American IPA hopped with Mosaic и Citra. Hazy deep golden with a white head. Great aromas of orange, fresh bread and earth. Strong hoppy, citrus and floral tones. Taste is bitter and balanced, aftertaste lasting long.
Crazy Moose (Konix. Zarechny, Penzenskaya Oblast; 5.5%): American Pale Ale. Clear golden with a white head. Aroma: citrus, malt, a bit tropical fruity. Taste is fruity and spicy with notes of grapefruit, sour orange, pine needles and spicy grasses. Middle body, high carbonation.
Krüger Premium Pils (Томское Пиво — Tomskoe Pivo, Tomsk; 5%): This Pilsner is not inferior in quality and taste the best German lagers. Hop flavor is more intense and impressive than most of the Russian Pilsner. The brewery founded in 1876 by a Prussian citizen Carl Krüger.
Leningrader (Ленинградец, Bakunin, Saint Petersburg; 13.2%): Deep red Barley Wine. In aroma lots of dried fruits, caramel, malty, fruit jam. Medium to full body. Taste sweet, sugary, red fruit jam, citrus touch, bit hoppy, very boozy. Aftertaste hoppy, sweet and bitter in the finish.
Lobotomy 777 (Лоботомия 777, AF Brew, Saint Petersburg; 12.7%): Russian Imperial Coffee Stout. Pours dark brown with beige head. Aroma of coffee, chocolate, toffee, roasted malts. Tastes heavy sweet, medium bitter, light sour. Flavor is smooth with oak notes. Full body, creamy, long finish.

Midnight Moscow IPA (Zagovor, Moscow; 5.6%): India Pale Ale, golden color, opaque. Medium white head. Great hoppy aroma. Taste is malty and little sweet with notes of orange, grapefruit, spruce needles and spicy grasses. Bright hopping of Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial.
Porter (Афанасий Пиво — Afanasy Beer, Tver; 8%): A solid rich Baltic porter of deep dark brown color with a nice tan head, with refined balanced elegant bitterness of hops aftertaste, peculiar for classic porters.
Pryanik Stout 5.0 edition (Salden’s, Tula; 6.5%): Dark brown color, creamy foam. Aroma is spicy, caramel sweet, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and honey-cake. Taste is sweet, malty, caramel with notes of ginger bisquit, creamy, milk chocolate, honey and some clove. Dry and spicy aftertaste.
Red Machine IPA (Victory Art Brew, Ivanteevka, Moscow Oblast; 7%): American style IPA with addition of crystal and wheat malt, double dry hopped with five hops. Clear dark amber beer with small carbonation and ivory head. Malty, herbal hoppy, caramel, citrus fruity and moderate bitter finish.
Ryzhaya Sonya (Рыжая Соня, Odna Tonna, Zhukovskiy, Moscow Oblast; 6.2%): special style IPA with ginger. Amber color, yellowish foam. Aroma: tropical fruits, nectar, flowers, herb and hay. Taste: citrus, fruits, soft hop bitterness, light spicy.
Vyatich Riga's (Вятич Рижское, Vyatich, Kirov; 4.9%): In the taste of this Pilsner hop bitterness prevails, harmoniously connected with a delicate aroma and bouquet of hops. Vyatich brewery founded in 1903 by a German brewer Carl Otto Schneider. Favorite beer of Soviet elite traditionally excellent.
Zolotoj Yarlyk (Gold Label, Velka Morava, Moscow; 5.4%): Old Russian variety of Märzen lager made by Trekhgorny brewery long time ago. Twice honored with special Golden Eagle Prize by Tsar Nicholas II. In the USSR, this excellent beer called Double Golden. Brewed with Pilsner malt and Saaz hop.

Can’t Miss brewery
Московская Пивоваренная Компания (Moscow Brewing Company), Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast: A Bohemian-style pilsner Жигули Барное™ (Zhiguli; 5.0%) wins gold awards of European Beer Star 2011 and Monde Selection 2012. Good clean pale ale Мохнатый Шмель (Shaggy Bumblebee; 5.0%). Apart from the main production of traditional beers includes creative craft microbrewery Волковская пивоварня (Volkovskaya Pivovarnya — Wolf's Brewery): porter Port Arthur (6.5%) moderately sweet, chococaramel, some nut; a Belgian-style witbier Бланш де Маzай (Blanche de Mazay; 5.9%) Mosaic hopped; American Pale Ale (APA; 5.5%) fresh and fruity with mango and tropical fruits, dry-hopped with Azacca & Pekko.

Breweries to Watch
Jaws Brewery, Zarechnyj, Sverdlovsk Oblast: named after a big wave surfing break on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. One of the earliest craft brewery of Russia opened in the former laundry building of NPP. Exciting beers include Атомная прачечная (Atomnaya Prachechnaya — Nuclear Laundry; 7.2%), a golden amber IPA with an aroma and flavor of hops, tropical and citrus fruits, spice, malt, peach and grapefruit, and Jaws APA (5.2%) hoppy pale ale with balanced bitterness, and aroma of pine needles and mango, citrus and flowers.
Stamm Beer, Krasnaya Pakhra, Moscow: brewing diverse beers like outstanding Urals (10%) very nice Russian Imperial Stout, caramel and chocolate with hints of vanilla, licorice and fruity with notes of black currant and toast. Red River (5.5%) brown-red well-balanced APA, quite juicy and fruity. American IPA Hop Gun Eldorado & Citra (7%) hopped with Eldorado & Citra. Star 14 (8%) NEIPA — a heavy hop flavored hazy Vermont Milkshake IPA brewed in collaboration with AF Brew in Saint Petersburg. It tastes a lot of fruity.

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